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The most accurate flying fixed-blade broadhead ever made!

Designed by an aerospace engineer, the Hartcraft Scooptail Broadhead is an aerodynamic marvel. Its scooped ferrule channels wind in flight stabilizing the broadhead from all three sides for unprecedented in-flight accuracy! This stability also dramatically reduces wind drift.


Blood trails like you’ve never seen from a fixed-blade!

The over-sized cut-on-contact tip leads the way as the broadhead cuts its way through tissue. The slightly larger broadhead base acts as a reamer, opening the way for the arrow shaft behind it. In between, the scoops act like snowplows, hurling tissue and blood, resulting in major blood trails.



Better Broadhead Guarantee

If your Hartcraft Scooptail Broadhead does not out-perform any fixed-blade you’ve ever shot, we’ll give you your money back. No questions asked. (Store receipt required. Guaranteed for retail price of product only).